Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where is my mind?

Quick updates:

I am currently interning at Issey Miyake USA Corp. as a press intern!
If you don't know the company, you should look it up.
Usually only people who are REALLY into fashion know who Issey Miyake is. Everybody else is like...what's that.

I will be simultaneously be interning at Opening Ceremony as a blog/multimedia intern starting July. Pretty excited for that!

MY 20th birthday! One year shy of my 21st, which puts me in an awkward spot. At least it's not as awkward as 19 years old. At least 20 makes me an official NON-TEENager.

I know I should have put this list up a while ago, but all I do is work in the city and meet up with friends, go home, and pass out. Too lazy to update, nameans. I'm horrible. It's okay.

If I was a rich girl nanananananaa and had rich friends, or a sugaaaadadday, I would probably expect these for my birthday. Instead, I'm a starving college student, paying her dues in the fashion industry with two unpaid internships, living off daddy until I can one day get a real job like a real boy, not expecting any gifts. It's all good. I would say I'm not too materialistic anyway. BUT IN AN IDEAL WORLD:

Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Leather Bag ($1,595)

if only...

Christopher Kane Patent-trimmed Platform Sandals ($393 on sale)

not TOO bad! but still...can't afford it for myself at the moment. I am OBSESSED with neon-y colors btw.

Diane von Furstenburg Lytton cracked-leather box clutch ($325)

I like how vintage it looks.

Okay, well my supervisor is currently in Paris so I have a lot more responsibilities in the office. I shouldn't be blogging heh :P I'm too lazy to post any more things, so that's it for now.

Peace and looooooove.