Saturday, August 6, 2011

"I can only conclude that I was not made for here"

Wow, haven't updated in forever. Here's the lazy bum at it again. Not like anybody read this anyway.

So, I've been interning at Opening Ceremony since July and I love it a lot! It's really amazing that you're actually considered part of the team. Learning a lot actually as a web intern focusing on marketing, analytics, blog stuff. The only purchases I've made so far are these braced-lets which are actually pretty cute! Got 5 of them in assorted colors. They're bracelets that look like braces. Pretty cool concept. All/most of the "fashion people" have them. Haha.

I woullllllllllllllld purchase other designer clothing (discounted for us interns, mmhmmm), but I don't know. Haven't really been in the shopping mood lately. Can you believe I gave up an Alexander Wang SAMPLE SALE??? Yeah, me neither. Oh well. Clothes is clothes.

I feel like God is really placing in my heart the urgency to help the poor and less fortunate. A career goal of mine is to really reach out to charities and collaborate in terms of keeping people clothed especially in 3rd world countries and what not. I'm happy working in the fashion industry and all but I want to make a difference in this world.

An ultimate and amazing achievement would be to create my own eco-friendly clothing line that donates most of its proceeds / actual merchandise to people who are in need. (like Toms!) I already have some ideas in place. Just need more of a conviction from God and the MONEY to start it up nameans?

Okay, sleep time.