Tuesday, May 10, 2011

finally finished

No more teachers, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks! At least until the fall semester rolls around.

So yay, I am officially a junior in college! Finished my final exams today. I now have 3 full days left in Paris before I head back to NY/NJ for the summer. In the fall, I'm studying abroad in Shanghai!
But we'll get back to that later.

Since I want to make blogging an everyday thing, here are some things that I want to get but can't afford. This is going to be depressing.

Proenza Schouler bracelet $150. (via Opening Ceremony)
I know it's expensive for something you probably make yourself, but the colors and designs are so pretty! Perfect accessory for the warm weather.


Proenza Schouler Bustier Dress w/ Skirt $2,385 (via Opening Ceremony)
Um, would never be able to afford this...but a girl can dream right? This dress is gorgeous though. But truthfully, I don't know if it'd be worth this much.


Opening Ceremony High Collar Pleated Dress $520 (via Opening Ceremony)
There's an ongoing debate about whether see-through lace tops + bras are slutty or sexy. I think it depends on the person who is wearing it, like how well-endowed they are if you know what I mean. Pour moi, it's alright I think (:

Future Fringe Dress

Funktional Future Fringe Dress $69 (via Nastygal)
Finally, an affordable piece! It's really cute with the fringes that add the unique touch, and the model kind of looks like Effie from Skins. Dontcha think?

Reality Cutout Wedge
Jeffrey Campbell Reality Cutout Wedge $97.50 (via Nastygal)
These are just weird, like me. I'd love to stomp around in these.

HELMUT LANG Asymmetric Maxi SkirtHELMUT LANG Asymmetric Maxi Skirt
Helmut Lang Asymmetrical Maxi Skirt $230 (via Ssense)
I've been obsessing over maxi dresses , skirts lately but I don't have any because I'm too scared about whether I can pull it off. BUTTTT, I'm going vintage shopping on Thursday and my aim is to buy a maxi skirt/dress! I wanna rock them.

Well that's enough with the lusting. Is it sad that I had all of these saved under my favorites in a folder called "WANNNA BE A MILLIONAIRE" and there's many more saved items...? AHHH.

Au revoirrrrrrrr for now.


  1. Cute blog, so great! Follow me :)

  2. First of all; Yay for finishing school! I still have 3 more weeks left of this horrid spring term before I start summer. Though I have an internship all summer, but at least it will be filled with fun and not exams LOL

    Second; you're going to study in shanghai? HOW EXCITING!

    3rd; the bracelet....yeah, go to etsy, get one made with love and at a better price lol. but those shoes are to DIE FOR! and that long skirt is sooo sexy! Wear it with a white tank, simple accessories and you will be the sexy girl walkin down the street of downtown in the summer time! I would pay that price for that skirt lol. I know, filled with contradictions! hehe

  3. congratulations! i love your Proenza Schouler picks and those JC wedges!


  4. great post! those wedges are so chic!

  5. Aw congrats! And omg I'm pretty much dying over the Helmut Lang maxi dress you posted...EEEHHH...but $230 is stretchin it! I bet Forever21 is going to come out with one just like in 4 months!

    xx THE CHEAP