Saturday, May 7, 2011

this is chrixotic

This is the first post to yet another blog that will probably end up dead due to negligence, pure laziness, and/or lack of creativity. But blogging is something I'll probably never be able to give up altogether. Enough with the small talk though, let's get to the good stuff (?)

WHO: My name is Christine, I'm 19 years old, but only for another month or so. And finally, may I add. I'm "chrixotic" because I thought "quixotic" would be a cool word to mash my name up with. I know, I'm kind of lame like that. But I am Christine, and I am quixotic, so it works out like that. I'm an upcoming junior at New York University majoring in Media, Culture, and Communications. As much as that is a mouthful, this major allows much freedom in terms of careers. And so, I will probably be working in the fashion industry -- probably in marketing. I previously interned at Gracia Fashion and Alexander Wang, and am set to interview at Givenchy in about a week or two. But, I also have have an interview with Opening Ceremony and 3.1 Phillip Lim when I get back, so we shall see!

WHAT: Ideally, this blog will become well-known and hopefully inspirational, but I highly doubt that. It's just a creative outlet to EXPRESS MYSELF mmhmm via graphics, words, fashion, musings, etc. And obviously to show how not sensible and idealistic I am about stuff. (Although, a part of me does believe that these "unrealistic" things are not really "unrealistic" but possible.) BUT I AM A REALIST, and reality persuades me otherwise.

WHEN: May 7, 2011 at 9:01PM. I love those numbers because they're all odd. I don't like even numbers. When finally I discovered a name to call this blog and made a pretty fonted banner to go with it!

WHERE: I'm currently studying abroad in Paris, France! I've been here since January of this year and am actually set to go back to the states in a week. I live in New Jersey, but my heart is in New York City (I go to NYU). So while not a TRUE "New Yorker", I give myself the title of "Honorary New Yorker", if that's okay with you? If not, oh well.

WHY: Because this is the last thing I should be doing during finals week.

Faith is an important part of my life as well as fashion (duh), food (DUH), photography, cute animals, music, and traveling.

Here, some of my current obsessions:

1. Jonathan Simkhai S/S 11. So, perfect. LOVING the neutral tones, the polished casualness. My kind of outfit -- especially because I am trying to steer clear of BLACK. Too much of that in my wardrobe.

2. Pretty desserts (via tumblr). Perfect spring dessert! I don't know what it is EXACTLY but it looks like blackberry mousse cake! I've been loving soft textured desserts as of late, and flan especially. And especially because amazing flan can be found stocked on the shelves of Parisian local supermarkets.

3. YSL Iconic Arty Oval Ring (via). So I know this ring has been around for a while, but I still love it. It's USD 250 and I want it. I want it NOW. I hope it's still available by the time my birthday rolls around (June 22 COUGH COUGH).

4. Koalas (via). My friend is studying abroad in Australia right now and I am SOOOO jealous. He told me he's going to pick out the cutest one and bring it home to me. I can't wait! (Yeah, okay.)


  1. Well hopefully you stick with it! Good luck and have fun with it :)

  2. Can't wait to see your blog grow! ;)

    Missing Amsie Blog

  3. good luck honeyyy..Perfect post..Keep blogging honey.Great workblog..
    follow us and we will follow you back!
    yours fashionably Modeliciousbites from Greece!

  4. Good Luck!
    Sucha great blog.Love to read more.
    I'm a new follower.Anw I would love if you could check out my blog.

  5. what do you have to be jealous for? you got to see all of your-up (see what I did there?) Aren't I so clever?

  6. I love so much the YSL ring !
    xx from a Frenchgirl ;)